Nokia Drive 2.0 now available for Download

Nokia Drive 2.0 now available for Download

Just last week we reported that Nokia were getting ready to launch Nokia Drive 2.0, and today we can finally say it’s here! You can now head on over to the marketplace on your Lumia Phones and update the app (do remember though that it completely overwrites your previous maps and data, so you’ll have to connect to a wi-fi based system to redownload it all). So, as you know Offline turn-by-turn navigation is the major feature in this update, and it should help those of you travelling or those of you who have low data plans.

Another feature which was included was ‘Last Destinations’ where you can select the previous destinations you have travelled to save time typing it in again, which is a feature that was sorely missing! The ETA also shows up on the main screen while driving, along with the current speed, and a tone will sound if it thinks you’re travelling faster than the speed limit (this needs to be set up first).

So head on down and download it, and get excited for Nokia Drive 3.0 which should have traffic detection and re-routing for traffic in it (out probably Q3 2012). Good job so far Nokia, it’s almost a fully fledged GPS!

Source: WPcentral 

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