Windows Phone Marketplace reaches the 70,000 milestone

Windows Phone Marketplace reaches the 70,000 milestone

What can we say, it’s been a fast paced journey in the Windows Phone marketplace! The latest figures show that the current number of apps in the Marketplace sit’s at a pretty 70,000 which translates to 250 new apps per day! Furthermore, there are apparently a total of 17,303 different publishers in the marketplace and all this after nearly a year and a half – not bad if we say so ourselves.

To break it down, the 50,000 mark was achieved on Dec 27th, 2011 while the 60,000 mark was hit on January 22nd. If this is any indication, then we’re at roughly 10,000 new apps per month, and it’s at a steadily increasing pace! To get a better idea of the pace, have a look at the graph below to really understand the increments in the number of WP7 apps.

As you can see, the rate has started to definitely speed up, even though this month was significantly slower than January though we can expect these numbers to go even higher as Windows Phones start to become more and more popular as time goes on (especially with the pushing Nokia is doing). To put that in further retrospect, the Windows Phone marketplace hit 30,000 apps way back in August 2011 and slowed down till Mango was released. After that it’s been all smooth sailing.

To get in further, take a look at the breakdown of apps by category:

Cleary this is a good pace that has been set, and we can expect to be hitting 100,000 apps by the time Windows Phone 8 rolls around (if not earlier).

Source: AAWP

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