Windows Phone 8 Features Leaked

Windows Phone 8 Features Leaked

Pocketnow has actually come across a video which actually leaks a lot of the features that is expected to be in Windows Phone 8, which has been known as the Apollo update as of now. The list of leaks that follows is quite impressive and we have to say that this looks like the update that should finally bring the power and specs that users (and haters) have so long wanted to see on Windows Phones. Paul Thurott, who is known to be up to date with all things Microsoft has actually confirmed the leaks, so we know for sure that this will be what Apollo will bring to the table!

The list is as follows:

  • Four new screen resolutions (though neither exact dimensions nor resolutions were revealed)
  • Multicore processors (dual-cores only as far as we know, probably not quad-core)
  • NFC support for a new “Wallet experience” e.g. wireless payments and tap-to-share will work seamlessly with Windows 8
  • Removable microSD storage (hooray!)
  • Based on Windows 8 kernel, not WinCE: Reuse of Windows 8 Desktop code for Windows Phone apps i.e. kernel, networking stacks, security, and multimedia support (contrary to popular belief, WinCE is out)
  • Zune Desktop is going away in exchange for a more native, sync relationship application, so that will mean Active Sync will return, albeit in a more improved format (we’re not looking forward to this yet).
  • Richer Skydrive support for things like sharing music between devices (as well as sharing of music from phone)
  • More than 100,000 apps to be expected at Windows Phone 8 launch (currently, there are 60,000 Windows Phone 7 apps)
  • Local Scout WiFi “hotspot” integration to aggressively find free data connections; personal recommendations included
  • Data usage glance-and-go support via Live Tile
  • Server side data compression for Internet Explore 10 to reduce data traffic and speed up browsing from desktop view (up to 30%)
  • 128-bit native BitLocker data encryption for Enterprises
  • Skype to be inbuilt, except it will be an optional download (rumored)
  • More Camera options to be integrated by Manufacturers

As far as we gather, this is SOME of the changes expected to come with Windows Phone 8 and even if Microsoft were to stop here, which we are sure they won’t, they’d already have quite the winning phone OS! So far as we know, no release date has been dropped just yet, but expect it in Q3/Q4 of this year, but I’m sure we’ll learn more later this month at MWC!

Are we the only one’s hoping to see a Dual-core Lumia phone with a 720p screen? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: WPcentral, Pocketnow, WinSupersite


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  • Boyd Chan

    Given that Windows 8 was going to appear on ARM CPUs it was a no brainer to reuse the Windows 8 kernel on the phone after all the hard work to modularise it in Windows Vista (which provided a contentious desktop experience but brought many “under the hood” changes that made Windows 8 possible on desktop, tablet and mobile.

    Microsoft can do some amazing things when they are pushed into a corner.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Yea, it’s too bad it took them being pushed *into* a corner for the birth of all this, about a year later than it should have been!