Why iTunes is The Biggest Digital Music Store still tops the User Preference List?

Why iTunes is The Biggest Digital Music Store still tops the User Preference List?

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iTunes has been at the forefront of the digital media market since it began in the year 2000. The store, owned by Apple, has sold more songs and movies than any other online media store in the world and has simplified the process of legally downloading music and other media, making it a quick and easy process.

What is it about iTunes that makes it the favourite choice of music fans all over the world? It comes down to one word: convenience. iTunes offers an incredibly large selection of music in one place. Almost every music genre is catered for and new songs are constantly being added. Whenever an artist releases a new album, it is made available on iTunes immediately.

Users can also listen to samples of any song before they make a purchase and they are given the option of buying a single song, as opposed to an entire album. This flexible-selling approach, which gives customers more control over the exact songs that they buy, attracts a wider customer base.

Unlike many other online music stores, shopping on iTunes does not require any kind of financial commitment. There are no monthly subscription fees to be paid and so customers can simply buy songs or movies as and when they want to. This broadens the appeal of iTunes, as both regular buyers of music and casual customers will be inclined to use this store.

In terms of prices, iTunes is certainly competitive and albums bought in the online store are significantly cheaper than any of those sold in brick-and-mortar CD shops. A single song can often be bought for just over a pound, while an album usually retails for under 10 pounds. These are appealing prices for any music fans on a small budget.

The music downloaded from iTunes is only compatible with the iPod in all its variations and so the popularity of this store is, without a doubt, connected to the popularity of its famous MP3 player. If Apple had not created such a user-friendly music player, then iTunes would not be the online retail giant that it is today.

Usability is an important factor for any online shop. The easily understandable and straightforward interface of the iTunes store makes actions such as searching, selecting, previewing and buying both simple and fast. The music that customers download can then be immediately played in their iTunes library. Internet users tend to be impatient when it comes to online shops and websites that are difficult to navigate and will leave almost immediately if the experience proves to be complicated. The lack of any such problems with the iTunes store is yet another reason why it seems to be so well liked by music fans.

It seems that iTunes ticks all the boxes when it comes to online music shopping, hence its position as leader in the digital-music market. However, competitors are quickly catching on to what users really want when buying music online. eMusic and Spotify are just two of the online shops that are offering similar convenient and usable music services. While they may not have reached iTunes’ high standards as of yet, this competition is good news for music fans, as it forces the owners of iTunes and other music stores to improve further and offer bigger and better services.

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