Top 3 Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2012

Top 3 Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2012

This was a Guest Article written by Amelia H.

2011 was a good year for smartphone manufacturers and geeks – many, many good devices were released. Now 2012 is expected to be even a better year with so many great phones expected to be released soon, starting from the second quarter.

Which are the most anticipated smartphones of 2012? When are they going to be released? Let’s try to find it out!

1. Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was released in April 2011 and remains one of the best smartphones in the current market even now, when 2012 has already begun. Now all geeks can’t wait to see the next flagship of Samsung, which is expected to be even cooler and even more powerful than its predecessor.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any info about the looks or the features of the upcoming Galaxy S3 – all we know is based on rumors. Some say the device will have a dual-core Exynos processor clocked at 1.8 GHz; others say it will be based on a quad-core Tegra 3 chip. If the latter version is correct, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will make a real boom in the market, and no other phone will be able to compete with it.

2. Apple iPhone 5

The whole world was waiting for the iPhone 5 to arrive in the end of 2011, but instead the iPhone 4S was released. We now hope the iPhone 5 will be launched in 2012, maybe in fall, though no release date is known yet.

There are rumors that Apple is already testing two versions of the new iPhone, one of which has a quad-core processor and the other is based on an A6. They say it will have a bigger screen than the iPhone 4S – a 4-inch one at least, providing 1280×720 resolution. As for the design, there are rumors that it will also get a major update, and some people think it will look more like the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime, which I doubt, to tell the truth. Most geeks expect it to have the NFC technology, too, since it’s the technology of the future.

3. Samsung Galaxy Skin

I’m not sure the rumored Samsung Galaxy Skin, a phone with an unprecedented moldable screen, is real, but if it is, it will make a revolution in the smartphone market when it’s out. Samsung introduced their new technology of flexible AMOLED screens during CES 2011, and since then we just can’t wait to see this technology used in a real smartphone. Of course, this phone is just a rumor yet, and we can’t know anything about its features for sure, but I think it will be really successful even if it’s not armed with very powerful features – everybody will want to buy a bendable phone.

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