Nokia Lumia 800 Australian pricing announced

Nokia Lumia 800 Australian pricing announced

It was only a few days ago that we confirmed that the Lumia 800 was headed for our great Australian shores (no really, our shores are quite awesome) and it seems that Nokia Australia have finally spilled the pricing. In a tweet on the official Nokia Australia page, Nokia Australia confirmed that the base ‘outright purchase’ price for the Lumia 800 would be $699.

Of course, this is the price before carrier subsidised deal come out, so worry not you’ll most certainly not have to pay this price (unless of course you hate going on plans and you hate being locked into a contract, then this will be swell for you!). What’s interesting to note is the pricing difference between the Lumia 800 and the Nokia N9, whereby when it was launched in Australia it was given a outright purchase price of $829! That’s technically a $130 AUD saving’s right there for buying a much better Operating System (we reviewed it, it’s true)! Even so, a $699 pricing is much higher than what we expected since Nokia claimed the phone would be 420 Euro.

So what can this mean? It means that the pricing is much more aggressively priced than the N9. We also hope that Nokia work with all local carriers to give aggressive deals, much like they have been doing worldwide because we all know that Australian Carriers never price devices fairly. We hope Nokia will also have a marketing blitz planned in the future, but we have yet to see a hint of that. We’ll bring you more information on this when we can.

If however that pricing seems to high for you, then you can purchase the Lumia 800 from Clove UK Today! (AUD $534 delivered)

Source: Nokia Australia

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