iPad 3 to be announced on March 1st

iPad 3 to be announced on March 1st

Sources close to All Things D have confirmed that Apple are indeed scheduling an event for the 1st of March, with the center of attention to be on none other than the iPad 3. This year, the event will be held in San Fransisco and while the actual event has been confirmed, the date when the iPad 3 will be available is yet to be announced, but we would expect it to be before the end of the month (last year it was available within the USA 2 weeks after the announcement).

Furthermore, All Things D are saying that the specs are fairly inline with the rumors which have been flying around the internet such (and something we reported back in August of last year). To summarize, the form factor will continue to be similar to what the iPad 2 is like, and the screen resolution will be bumped up to a staggering 2048 x 1536 with a Retina Display resolution which would automatically make it the most sought after screen available. As for the processor, it’s expected to be ‘much faster’ than the iPad 2, but whether it’s a dual-core processor with a speed boost or a quad-core processor remains to be seen (we expect Apple to be sticking with the dual-core outlay until the iPad 4 is released).

So that’s it for speculation, but expect the pricing to remain the same (that’s one of Apple’s great strengths) if they intend to keep selling 10 million of these bad boys. Either way, we’ll have the whole announcement covered on Techin5 so stay tuned. It’ll also be interesting since this comes a day after Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview announcement so it will be interesting times ahead.

Source: All Things D

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