Enjoy free Cab Rides in London thanks to Nokia

Enjoy free Cab Rides in London thanks to Nokia

Not satisfied with spoiling the people of London Town (sorry) enough with “Free” Deadmau5 concerts and other activities around the city, Nokia has gone one further and arranged for free taxi rides in certain black cab’s around London! What they’ve essentially gone ahead and done is to brand certain black cab’s with the Nokia Lumia’s colorful design and logo (a great way to advertise if anything). Following that, they’ve actually gone ahead and paid said taxi driver’s to take you around for free. Nope, you read that right the first time – Free Cab rides around London (note: only those which have the Nokia branding on the side). You London’ers get all the fun sometimes!

This is all part of Nokia’s Social Media Week, in order to promote Social Media on the internet (and around the world), as well as to promote their Lumia lineup, which includes the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800! It’s a great way to promote their brand and to get more people excited about the phones. If we were to go one step further, we would have retrofitted every single ‘branded’ cab with a Lumia 710 or Lumia 800 so people could actually use it and get to grips with the phone as they went to their destination (but what can we say, we’re born marketers so our ideas are pretty awesome).

So remember People of London (or those coming to London this week), between Feb 13 – 17, if you see a Nokia branded cab (like the picture above) and it’s not taken, run as fast as you can and grab it – then ask the cab driver to take you anywhere within London, and on your way out don’t forget to thank Nokia for their¬†generosity! Can’t wait to see what Nokia bring’s to Australia before their much anticipated Windows Phone launch.

Source: Know Your Mobile

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