Bamboo Android ‘ADzero’ Phone sprouts up

Bamboo Android ‘ADzero’ Phone sprouts up

Arguing about the superiority of a metal phone over a plastic one? Well, then how about a phone made entirely of BAMBOO? Yes, you read it right and no, I am not high on stone! We aren’t Bamboozling you (pun inteded)! 23 year old student from Middlesex University, Kieron Scott Woodhouse, has designed this unique device, which could end up being the world’s first bamboo phone, and if there’s anything we appreciate here at Techin5 – it’s beautiful designs and original ideas.

The phone will run a custom version of Android, probably a Bamboo Skin (sorry) and will probably have some new sort of camera technology called “ring flash”. It looks beautiful, is pretty slim and it’s most certainly light-weight. There is definitely an HTC flair in its design. There is no sign of a speaker-grille at the back of the device (obviously it’s still a design in progress). It’s possible the earpiece could double up as the speaker (like the LG Optimus 7). It has a unibody design, and Kieron Scott claims that it is as strong as plastic, but eco-friendly and is twice as light as the iPhone (iPhone 4S weights 140 grams).

Woodhouse is teaming up with AdZero, a Chinese Company, for the production of this beauty. It is slated for release later this year in China, but will apparently end up on the shores of the old continent too, most probably UK. We are definitely sure that it is as tough as plastic, so we’re really looking forward to getting our hands on it. However, it would be interesting to see how the phone stands up against it’s old rival – termites!

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Source: GSM Arena

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