White Samsung Galaxy Nexus pops up looking very nice, coming soon

White Samsung Galaxy Nexus pops up looking very nice, coming soon

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is easily the best Android phone on the market right now (and the only one running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich), but one thing we weren’t quite impressed with was the dark color scheme. Well that’s all about to change with Samsung planning to release a white Galaxy Nexus Prime to give users more choices when deciding on their phones, and frankly it makes the phone look very appealing now. Click here to see how the Samsung Galaxy Nexus compares to the Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Titan, Motorola Razr, and iPhone 4S.

For now it seems the only change is aesthetically, as internally everything is the same as before. And luckily for you, it seems the pricing will be the same for both models as well which is nice of Samsung to not charge extra for a coat of paint. For those of you are interested, have a look at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus page on Techin5 to get a better feel of the phones (or click the link in the paragraph above).

Otherwise, the phone will be available directly from our friends at Clove UK on the first week of February (Feb 6th to be precise) for £415.00, or AUD $628 before shipping. Pre-Orders are now open, so head on down and place yourself an order so you can get your order in before others!

If you’re still more interested in the black version, click here to purchase it today (or use the links on the right side of this article).

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