Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop Makes Cooking Sexy

Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop Makes Cooking Sexy

This is Thermador’s Freedom Induction Cooktop. It’s a cooking stove basically. And it’s sexy. Yep you heard us right, a cooking stove is actually sexy and we want this in our homes already. Personally, you already know I’m a big fan of the culinary arts and I’ll post anything that is sexy and related to cooking like this. However, I never thought anyone would ever make a stove top sexy enough to want it, and to possibly make cooking fun again despite the busy lives we lead, that is until we saw this.

What you have here is a Full-Surface adaptive induction unit, which allows you too cook pots anywhere on the surface. That’s right folks, through a clever use of heat inducing magnets, high technology, and possibly some form of sorcery, you can actually use this cook with any pot at any time. More importantly, the pots can be moved around the surface without needing to wait for that section to heat up. It’s easily the smartest and best looking stove we’ve ever seen, and while it may seem like we’re describing the perfect women… we are not.

The Cooktop features a 6-inch screen that controls everything on the surface, from heat intensity, timing of cooking and so on, all the while showing the pot’s size and position (heck we’d be shocked if it didn’t cook it automatically for us, but that’s a faded dream). Taking a quick look underneath the inductive surface, you’ll see 48 3-inch magnets which line the base of the the cooktop and that allows the Indiction Cooktop to provide 63% more cooking area on the surface (just what we’ve always wanted).

Unfortunately my new house just got built, so this sexylicious stove came a little too late for us, but you might still have a chance! Expect this to hit the market in July, for a cool US$4,995 (who said the thing’s we crave come cheap!).

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