Sony unleashes 4 new Android beasts

Sony unleashes 4 new Android beasts

The soon-to-be divorced Sony Ericsson group has introduced four new Xperia Smartphones at CES 2012 today.  The phones are as follows:

Xperia S: The first smartphone in the Xperia NXT series (next generation phones from Sony)

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Xperia ion: First LTE smartphone from Sony, exclusive to AT&T in the US (seem’s like quite a few AT&T Exclusive LTE phones from CES 2012 like here and here).

Both the phones will carry the “Sony” logo instead of “Sony Ericsson” which we’ve all grown accustomed to in the last 10 years, instead announcing the existence of Sony as the sole manufacturer of future smartphones from their kitty. The other two phones that were revealed by Sony are meant for the Japanese market only. They are as follows:

Xperia Acro HD: It is the follow-up of Xperia Acro, with popular Japan-specific features like infrared port data exchange, mobile wallet and mobile TV.

Xperia NX: It is the Japanese variant of Xperia S.

The Japanese phones will supposedly still carry the “Sony Ericsson” logo, which shows that the combined effort of Sony-Ericsson still have some goodies to offer before Sony takes over. In essence, these will probably be the last Sony Ericsson phones to see the light of day (although rumors do suggest one or two more might be in the making).

Now turning back our attention to the new Sony devices, it seems that they’re not only ‘Good Looking’ phones, but power packed phones as well! If the phone run’s as well as it looks, then Sony could have some great sales with these two devices.

Key features of Xperia S are:

  • Screen – 4.3 inch Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine with HD resolution screen (1280 x 720), as well as front (720p) and back (1080p) cameras for HD recording.
  • Processor – 1.5Ghz dual core processor
  • Storage – 32GB Flash storage
  • Camera – 12MP back camera with Sony Exmor R
  • NFC enabled
  • HD sharing through DLNA, HDMI
  • Android 2.3. Will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich in Q2, 2012.

Key features of Xperia ion are:

  • Screen – 4.6 inch HD Reality display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine, with HD resolution screen (1280 x 720), as well as rear (1080p) and front (720p) cameras for HD recording
  • Processor – 1.5 GHz dual-core processor
  • Storage – 16GB Flash storage
  • Camera – 12 MP rear camera with Sony Exmor R
  • HD sharing through DLNA, HDMI
  • Android 2.3. Will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich in quarter two, 2012.

Apart from the bigger display on Xperia ion and NFC on Xperia S, both devices are essentially the same in terms of specifications, and obviously aesthetics. The Xperia Acro HD and Xperia NX have similar specifications too, as they are merely Japanese variants of the Xperia S with Japan-specific features.

Sony also released a number of Android accessories such as:

  • Xperia Smart Tags: A small NFC enabled tokens for launching pre-configured and personalised settings when you swipe an NFC Android smartphone against them.
  • Smart Wireless Headset pro: A Bluetooth stereo headset that also works as a standalone MP3 player and radio when detached from the phone.
  • SmartWatch:  A micro display for Android to wirelessly access calls, messages and applications.
  • SmartDock for Xperia ion: An HDMI dock that turns Xperia ion into a mini-PC by connecting it to a USB keyboard, mouse and big screen TV.

As for release dates, the Xperia S will be available worldwide from Q1, 2012 (meaning it should be out before March). The Xperia ion, being exclusive to AT&T, will be available in the US in second quarter of 2012. Meanwhile for our Japanese friends, the Xperia Acro HD and Xperia NX will be available in Japan from this spring.

On another note, considering that Sony is heavily using the Metro theme, so commonly found on Windows Phones, to tease viewers in their pre-CES photos, it is slightly disappointing for Windows Phone users that Sony didn’t come up with a Windows Phone device. Android fans, however, should be over the moon with this effort from Sony as they are both power packed and they look good. Personally we’re really looking forward to see how good their Bravia Screens are (the same tech that is employed in their Bravia TV Lineup). March isn’t that far away, so hold onto those paychecks!

Are you going to buy one of these beasts? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Sony Ericsson

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