Singapore’s SG Best also advertising the Lumia 900 as coming soon?

Singapore’s SG Best also advertising the Lumia 900 as coming soon?

WPCentral first broke the news that CarPhone Warehouse had put up the Nokia Lumia 900 as ‘coming soon’ (with an estimated release date of June), and now it seems that Singapore’s SG Best also has a Lumia 900 page up and running! Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we’ve seen that SG Best have a proper Lumia 900 page up noted as ‘soon’ and they haven’t accidentally put up a Lumia 800 page (since the Lumia 800 is out in Singapore). The specs seem aligned with the Lumia 900 specs so we can be sure that this is the real deal, although unlike CarPhone Warehouse they haven’t given an estimated date of arrival.

Even though CarPhone Warehouse have taken down the Lumia 900 page (possibly due to Nokia and/or Microsoft giving them a warning to take it down), it seems that SG Best’s page is up and running without a problem. Unfortunately, there is no option to pre-order the phone so we can’t seem to get a price update on phone as of now (fair enough considering we don’t even have a price even for the USA). The only thing we can see here is that the specs given on SG Best’s page info on the Nokia Lumia 900 is roughly the same as what Carphone Warehouse gave, probably putting rumors to rest that the Lumia 900 may have got a 12 megapixel camera upgrade when it was released outside the United States (which is a bummer).

So how about it folks, any thoughts on this? Is this a sign of things to come, or just a precaution taken by SG Best? Let us know in the comment’s below!

Source: SG Best

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