Samsung Galaxy S value pack leaked

Samsung Galaxy S value pack leaked

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The twisted tale of Samsung Galaxy S ‘Ice cream Sandwich‘ (aka Android 4.0) update continues to baffle SGS owners. Samsung had initially announced that they would not release an ICS update for Galaxy S due to performance issues the handset would have with the update. Then, following a public outcry, Samsung released a statement that it would consider issuing out an update in the near future. Unfortunately for Galaxy S owners, Samsung then came out with the disappointing news that there wouldn’t be ICS update, but rather a “value pack” for Galaxy S users to make up for the lack of an update. Ultimately though, they decided neither to release an ICS update nor a value pack for Galaxy S. Sigh.

However, all is not lost as the “Value Pack” firmware has leaked online, meaning that Samsung were in the process of developing the value pack, before ultimately pulling the plug on the project. The improvements include:

  • Ability to take pictures when shooting videos + Minor User Interface Changes
  • Galaxy S2’s photo editor in the Galaxy S
  • New lockscreen sounds (as well as the Galaxy Note’s Lockscreen)
  • Faster auto rotation and smoother performance
  • Performance improvements in stock browser and Gallery3
  • Face Unlock (which comes with ICS)

Although this does not confirm that Samsung is going to change its mind and officially release this, we do hope that there is another twist in the tale and SGS users get to update their phones with an official release soon. For those who cannot wait to try it out, the download link (and instructions) are given below in the source link. Let us know the the comment’s below how you get on with the update!

Note: As with anything on XDA, use with caution and do not use unless you are sure of what you are doing.

Source: xda-developers 

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