Rumor Grind: Nokia Lumia 900 to get an international date soon? Possibly come to Other American Carriers

Rumor Grind: Nokia Lumia 900 to get an international date soon? Possibly come to Other American Carriers

First thing’s first, rumors say that Nokia Lumia 900 release dates for the USA look to be March 16, which is 2 months ago yesterday. If these rumors are correct then it means Nokia have plenty of time to go wild with their $200 million advertising budget for the USA.

The more interesting rumor, and one we’ve been keeping our ear to the ground for is the fact that the Nokia Lumia 900 might not be the ‘exclusive’ American device Stephen Elop claimed it might be. Yes AT&T will get the device exclusively in the USA, but the question remains how exclusive will it be? Chances are this device will most certainly make it’s way overseas to Europe and beyond (it’s a device much too gorgeous not t0) and we would love to get our hands on it soon, but what we haven’t known is how long it’ll be after it launched in the States.

Well new rumors have surfaced indicating that AT&T will only have a world exclusivity period of only 45 days in the states, with Nokia set to (or thinking about) launching talks with other carriers such as T-Mobile (and possibly Verizon and Sprint, two carriers who have not been too keen on selling Windows Phones). Of course the Lumia 900 has LTE 4G connectivity, so that should certainly get the attention of other carriers (not to mention the fact it was named the best Phone of CES 2012 by CNET and we thought so as well).

Now that America is taken care off, let’s turn our attention to an international release for the Lumia 900, and something we’re more hopeful of arriving sooner than later. Current predictions state the release of this for Q3 of 2012. Q3. 2012. That means that the earliest we’ll be able to see a Nokia Lumia 900 in our hands will be July/August. That is easily 6 months away, and it’s a long time to wait for a device no doubt many of us are already craving! So why would it take Nokia so long to bring this phone overseas? The answer lays in a slight bump in specs, with the camera being expected to be raised from 8 megapixels to a neat 12 megapixels (don’t forget that the Nokia N8 is still the best camera in a phone to ever be produced, so this could follow suit).

Of course, if other rumors are to be believed, then we could see the Nokia Lumia 900 making it’s way internationally before Q3 even starts. That’s what we’re pinning our hopes on. For now stay tuned for more information, and we’ll bring you more when we can! And hopefully we see this bad boy down in Australia soon!

Source: WinSuperSite 

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