Rumor Grind: Microsoft to phase out Microsoft Points?

Rumor Grind: Microsoft to phase out Microsoft Points?

IGN has a report today, in which they’re saying that many Gaming Publishers have told them that Microsoft is looking to phase out Microsoft Points, and instead bring in actual cash payments. As we all know MS Points have been around for sometime, in which every purchase that takes place on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace (including Zune) uses MS Points to calculate the value of said item. It’s been an extremely annoying process in which no one is ever sure how much an item is actually worth from it’s face value, and ultimately it seems like Microsoft may be forcing themselves to finally give up the points system, much to the appreciation of fans.

We all know that the Windows Phone Marketplace currently does not use or accept MS Points in any way or form, so this was perhaps a sign of things to come (not to mention the fact the upcoming Windows 8 App Store will not be using MS Points either), and in the spirit of harmonizing and syncing the look of all their platforms – Microsoft have taken the smart route of eliminating these points for good.

IGN is reporting the system is expected to be phased out by the end of this year (2012), and then from there on cash transactions will take place for purchases. According to the report, any outstanding balances with MS Points will automatically be converted to cash (in the account’s local currency of course). This extends to mobile developers and publishers, so Microsoft has warned developers to plan accordingly for future releases and how payments are made.

However, do take note that this is still considered part of our Rumor Grind, in which nothing is officially set in stone until Microsoft comes out with an official announcement later this year (if there even is one to be had). Obviously, Microsoft isn’t commenting right now but we’d be surprised if this doesn’t go through, especially since most people would prefer straight cash based purchases (more so if the pricing remains the same, and isn’t exploited for different regions based on exchange rates). Thoughts on this – Would you prefer the keep the MS Points based system, or would you prefer to go all in with cash based purchases? Let us know below!

Source: IGN

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