Official Pictures of the Nokia Lumia 900 revealed

Official Pictures of the Nokia Lumia 900 revealed

This image you see above is the first official image of the Nokia Lumia 900, the much anticipated phone from Nokia which PocketNow managed to snag. We’re all expecting this to be announced today at CES 2012, whether it be at the AT&T event, or the Nokia press event. After week’s of leaks, it’s good to finally get an image which is of the official phone. What you will notice right away, is that the phone looks exactly like the Nokia Lumia 800, but you’d be mistaken in thinking that because there are expected to be a few differences between this and the Lumia 800.

The first thing is that this LTE device is expected to have a 4.3-inch CBD AMOLED screen, up from the 3.7-inch on the Lumia 800. Furthermore, the Lumia 900 will have a front facing camera on the top left hand side of the screen. Furthermore, at the back, you’ll notice the phone’s LED flash (looks like dual flash to us) has moved to the left hand side of the camera (as opposed to on top). Other than that you’re not going to notice a whole lot of changes so if you were expecting an entirely new device you’re going to be disappointed. But you shouldn’t be because the design is still as gorgeous as ever!

Apparently, the phone will come with a few apps in a package such as – ESPN, Spotify, Nokia Maps, Nokia Music and Nokia Drive as well, so the usual there. We do hope the phone will be thinner than 12.1 mm which the Lumia 800 was, but judging by the pics, we doubt  it. Finally, the phone will be a polycarbonate build and not metallic as some expected and it will be an AT&T exclusive. It’s only a matter of time before we can an official announcement.

Source: PocketNow

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