New CEO takes over at RIM, we take a closer look at the situation

New CEO takes over at RIM, we take a closer look at the situation

We all know that Research in Motion, the creators of the once popular Blackberry’s have been in trouble for some time, especially with their market share dropping quite rapidly over the last few months and years. We’ve been saying this for a long time, that the BlackBerry is a dying phone, despite the slight chance of a resurgence with their next OS – BB 10 which is expected to only be launched late 2012. Far too long if you ask us.

In fact, it is our opinion that RIM should drop development of BB 10 and finally pick up a good Operating System like Windows Phone or Android, something that Nokia has gone and done and it looks like it might finally pay of in 2012. It’s clear that BlackBerry doesn’t have the marketshare it once did, with latest estimates putting it’s marketshare at around the 9% mark (they were at 20% + not too long ago mind you) and RIM most certainly needed a shake up.

One of those Shake ups (and something that should have easily happened 6 months ago and more) is the dropping of their current CEO’s for a new one. Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis have both been at the helm of RIM for around two decades and while they saw some great success during their time, their lack of focus and vision meant that they couldn’t sustain that marketshare. With the emergence of worthy competitors like Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, and even Microsoft’s Windows Phone, to an extent, it’s clear that BlackBerry are no longer a force to be reckoned with. From a personal point of view, 1 year ago most of my friends had BlackBerry’s and today, only a few do as most have shifted to the iPhone or an Android device. Why? Well I think we all know the answer to this.

So who’s the man to take over as CEO? Thorsten Heins, an employee who’s been at RIM for 4 years after he joined from Siemens, and is expected to take over the CEO help effective immediately. So the question we have to ask is this – this move is at least 6 months to a year overdue. Does Thorsten Heins have what it takes to bring RIM from the pitiful state it’s in now (or at least where it’s heading) and turn it back into the successful phone company they once were? Essentially, will he be able to make the smart and tough decisions in order to successfully turn RIM’s fortune’s around? Personally, we don’t think so quite yet. We’d love to be proven wrong, but it seems like the door is wide open for the Windows Phone OS to take 3rd spot away from RIM quite easily, especially if they keep coming out on phones that put anything BlackBerry has ever made to shame.

Mr. Heins will take the opportunity to take a good hard look at the company, and realize they need to do something drastic in order to survive. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to adopt the most gorgeous OS ever made? Your call Thorsten, your call.

Either way, have a look below at Thorsten Hein’s first speech as CEO:

Source: Bloomberg

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