HTC Titan II announced, Windows Phone with whopping 16 megapixel camera!

HTC Titan II announced, Windows Phone with whopping 16 megapixel camera!

HTC have just announced a massive device today at AT&T’s CES 2012 press conference, with some specs which should get you really excited for Windows Phones in 2012. The announcement was the HTC Titan II which is actually a refresh of the original HTC Titan which was only recently released in late 2011 so it’s surprising that they’ve kept on with the name but we’re not complaining one bit. One thing to know is that this phone is big, it’s super fast, and it’s got a camera to rule them all.

So what’s so special about this phone? Well it has a huge 4.7-inch touchscreen (and the screen looks great from the video we saw from CES 2012), it features a blazing fast 1.5GHz processor, and the cherry on top of this amazing cake is the camera- a whopping 16 megapixel camera that makes it the camera phone with the most megapixels on the market today!

Furthermore, it can run on 4G LTE Networks (specifically AT&T’s one) when it get’s released later this year, making it the first Windows Phone to do so. Let’s run down the key specs:

  • Processor – 1.5GHz Snapdragon Processor
  • Screen – 4.7-inch Super LCD WVGA Screen (800 x 480 screen resolution)
  • Camera – 16 megapixel back camera with 720p video recording capabilities, fast wide-angle lens (f2.6, 28mm), autofocus, and dual LED flash
  • Front Camera – 1.3 megapixel front facing camera
  • Battery – 1,730mAh battery to power everything
  • OS – Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)

Overall this sexy device features a LOT of technology which will get geeks and non geeks alike giddy with excitement. The camera also comes with a lot of other features like red eye reduction, image stabilization, a panorama mode for landscapes, and a burst shot mode for sports or kids so it’s not just a pretty camera but a power packed one as well. I can’t wait to get my hands on this device, and you should be just as excited because this will be a great phone to use for anyone (even if the screen resolution could be a little higher). We’ll get more information on the release date, pricing, and international information on this phone as soon as we can. For more info, head on down to the source link!

If you’re more interested in getting the original HTC Titan, head on over to Clove UK and pick one up today!

Source: Windows Phone Blog 

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