Got an iPhone 4S? Your data usage will be doubled thanks to Siri

Got an iPhone 4S? Your data usage will be doubled thanks to Siri

Recently got an iPhone 4S? Found Siri? Thought it was Amazing? Perhaps, but not for your data plan. New research is showing that iPhone 4S users are actually using double the amount of data than their iPhone 4 counterparts. The reason has been linked back to Siri, the all powerful personal assistant in your phone.

Bloomberg recently reported that the voice recognition service is pumping out double the amount of data when compared to those poor sod’s that never managed to get an upgrade. Obviously this isn’t such a big issue if you either have a large or unlimited data plan, but the fact of the matter is that not everyone has that (odd choice if getting an iPhone then, but each to their own). Either way, this is a big issue for a simple ‘program’ within the phone to take up that much data, and even though Siri is still in ‘beta’ we do think this was in issue that should have been addressed much before it was released as opposed to leaving people with very high data bills.

The question that remains is do you disable Siri completely, or continue to hope Siri doesn’t smash your phone bill with huge numbers. Either option is fine, as long as you’re happy with it. But still, come on Apple fix it already. And check your phone bill (and stop Asking Siri to Marry you already).

Source: Bloomberg

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