Czech Republic’s Obchod S Mobily also comes out with Lumia 900 page

Czech Republic’s Obchod S Mobily also comes out with Lumia 900 page

Yesterday, we found out that Singapore’s SG Best had put up a Lumia 900 page (the second company after Carphone Warehouse to put up a page, even though they pulled theirs) and while SG Best’s page is still up, more evidence had shown up linking the Lumia 900 to an International launch! Czech Republic’s Obchod S Mobily also seems to have a Lumia 900 page up, although the most fascinating thing about this page is that there is actually a price!

Carphone Warehouse had only a rough availability (June), and SG Best only had a sign saying ‘soon’, but it seems Obchod S Mobily have taken it one step further by putting up a price – CZK 14,955 which roughly translates to $733 Australian Dollars. Ouch. That is most certainly not a cheap phone should that remain the price when it comes out (considering the Lumia 800 is priced below $600 these days). While looking at the specs, some of the Lumia 900 specs don’t seem to be accurate on the page, but they’re close enough to not mistake this for the Lumia 800 (that and the fact there’s a seperate page for the Lumia 800).

If this isn’t a sign of things to come, then we don’t know what is. 3 different countries, with 3 different websites showing off the same phone as coming soon – we’re not ready to brush off this rumor any more, and are rather getting used to the idea that there will be an international Lumia 900 very soon. Side note, this page ALSO has the phone with only a 8 megapixel camera, though we may see a different variant with a 12 megapixel camera soon thereafter.

Take it as you will folks, comments in the section below! (please remember to let us know if there are any other countries that  put up a Lumia 900 page, and we’ve missed it!).

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Source: Obchod S Mobily

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