CES 2012 is coming – What tech to be excited for in 2012

CES 2012 is coming – What tech to be excited for in 2012

CES 2012 is just around the corner (10th Jan till 13th Jan) and this year’s Vegas bound event has plenty of tech in store for us, which should get all of excited whether you are a tech buff or not. CES actually stands for Consumer Electronic Show, so everything at this event is geared towards ‘you’ the consumer. Therefore, most of the items you see displayed at CES 2012 will be available to purchase generally within the year, which is a big win. So amongst all that amazing technology, what can we get excited about the most? Let us break down the small but detailed list.

  • Ultrabooks – Ultrabooks are quite clearly the future of laptops, as netbooks are on their way out. Ultrabooks only debuted late last year with a handful of offerings from Toshiba, Acer, and Asus. We even got our hands on the Asus Zenbookwhich we were impressed by, but we still felt it had some room for improvements. So with Generation 1 of Ultrabooks out and about, other companies will be following suit and you know hungry consumers will be other there ready to lap these bad boys up. Expect to see Ultrabook by the masses.So what is an Ultrabook? It is basically a laptop that is required to be thinner than 20mm, lighter than 1.4kg, and have at least 5 to 8 hours of battery life as a minimum. There are other requirements, but those are the main ones that you will see (that and the pricing should start from around $1,000). Think of this as the Macbook Air competitor, for Windows laptops.


  • Quad-Core Tablets – 2011 was the year of the dual-core tablets, in terms of processor performance and speed. Technology is always evolving, and therefore 2012 will usher in the Quad-Core tablets year. The first Quad Core tablet, the Asus Transformer Prime has just hit selected markets last week and while it does have some issues, it’s already being hailed as the best Android Tablet due to it’s speed. Expect the iPad 3 to feature a quad core processor as well (along with a few other goodies), but the iPad 3 won’t be shown off at CES 2012. We will hope to see some tablet’s, and possibly even some featuring Windows 8 on it! This will be an exciting year for Tablet’s without a doubt.

  • HDTV’s– There’s quite a bit to be shown off at CES 2012 on the High Def TV front, starting with LG’s 55-inch OLED TV. OLED is the best screen quality you can get right now, but isn’t mass used due to it’s extremely high pricing. LG hopes to change that with it’s new upcoming model, although prices haven’t been announced. The best part is that it’s expected to be extremely thin at just 0.16-inches.Furthermore, we can expect a new range of ‘4K’ TV’s with extremely high resolutions and better clarity than TV’s you would find today (possibly from Sony and Vizio, perhaps others). Expect to see bigger and thinner TV’s this year at CES 2012, and then followed by in-store. We would also expect TV’s to be able to connect to the internet more efficiently.


  • Windows Phone 7– The most under rated Smartphone OS in the market right now, and it’s got a big challenge if it wants to stay in the game. Luckily for Microsoft, they’ve got the Marketing power of Nokia behind the platform and they can surely turn haters into lovers over time by creating good products and by improving on flaws. Samsung, HTC, ZTE, and Acer are also there to try and turn the crowd towards WP7!We expect big things from Nokia at CES 2012, including the fabled Nokia Lumia 900. Great start, but we expect much more, especially with a reported $200 million being lined up for marketing in America alone, codenamed ‘Operation Rolling Thunder’. This is something to be excited about.

  • Android – With Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, having been released late last year to much applause, we can soon expect many more Android devices coming out with ICS. Furthermore, we know the tablets will most certainly be getting Quad-Core tablets, but we might even expect phones to be shown off with quad-core processors (though we doubt it for now). Still, expect the global Android charge that we’ve all been watching for a few years now to continue, with new designs, new screens, and new form factors.
All in all, expect a LOT of consumer goodies with the latest tech in them to power us through till CES 2013 (if we make it that far!). Either way, open up your wallets Ladies and Gentlemen because 2012 will have a lot for you. We’ll try and cover all the big tech announcements on Techin5 so stay tuned.

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