Acer announces Aspire S5 Ultrabook, claims ‘world’s thinnest’ record

Acer announces Aspire S5 Ultrabook, claims ‘world’s thinnest’ record

Acer have come out all gun’s blazing with the Aspire S5 Ultrabook, and have promptly claimed the title for the worlds thinnest ultrabook in the market (though the way CES 2012 has been going, we wouldn’t be surprised if this record was short lived). If there’s any words to be said about the way the Aspire looks, it’s that Acer have finally nailed it with the design. This ultrabook looks fantastic and the fact it’s the thinnest out there adds to the aura.

For the time being, the 13.3-inch model seems to be the only size you can buy this ultrabook in (not that we’re complaining) but we’d like to see an 11-inch model sometime in the near future as well. Similar to the Asus Zenbook, the S5 has an Instant On feature (whereby from sleep to fully functional, the time taken is 2 seconds) and it even weights less than 1.35 kg (around 3 pounds). It also comes with a nice and sleek magnesium-allow finish (with Onyx Black shading), Mini HDMI, USB 3.0, and surprisingly a thunderbolt port. Following that the laptop is topped off with a standard SSD.

As far as we know, this ultrabook is expected to hit the market in Q2 of 2012, but proper specs and pricing have yet to be announced. We’ll bring more information when we get it, but for now enjoy these other pictures and head on down to the source link for more information.

Source: Acer
via: Engadget 

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