Uncharted Series Sells over 13 million Copies on the PS3

Uncharted Series Sells over 13 million Copies on the PS3

Sony has confirmed that the highly popular (and frankly brilliant) Uncharted Series’ lifetime sales yesterday, and the results are pretty extraordinary to be fair. Asad Quizilbash, Uncharted 3‘s project manager confirmed that the Uncharted Franchise’s total sales to date have “sold over thirteen million units globally.” Not bad for a game we like to think of as a mix between Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, but with a much better storyline! It’s clear that the Uncharted Series is easily the most popular exclusive series on the PS3 currently, and there’s no chance of stopping that soon.

Similarly, Asad was asked about the budget of Uncharted 3 and while he wouldn’t give an exact figure, he did say “Uncharted 3 is one of the largest first party games we’ve shipped on this platform and had the marketing budget to match.” He said the game had a four-tiered approach to marketing: “announcing with authority, sampling through the public beta, road to launch, and critical acclaim.”

Following a rather unknown game which made it’s debut in 2007 on the PS3, The Uncharted Series has quickly become one of the most popular and known games in the gaming world, and it’s rise to success has been no small task with each game of the series becoming better and better. In fact, Uncharted 3 was awarded a perfect 10/10 by IGN, which is a huge achievement for Developer Naughty Dog’s.

If you want to read more of Asad Quizilbash’s interview, head on over to the source link below. We look forward to what Uncharted 4 brings in 2 years, especially with the bar having been set so high.

Source: Industry Gamers

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