The Mobile World in 60 seconds (Infographic)

The Mobile World in 60 seconds (Infographic)

Well this is most certainly an interesting infographic from Mobclix in which they show what happens on mobile phones in 60 seconds, every 60 seconds we presume from around the world. Either that or it’s a summary of what happens if we to take a 60 second chunk out of mobile usages on an average day. The findings are pretty interesting to say the least, and even though it’s for October it’s a safe bet that the summary wouldn’t have changed too much in November.

What we gather here is that a lot of people are still playing Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, despite these games being fairly old. Obviously that shows that good casual games like these never go out of style which is great for future developers thinking of creating Casual Games. You’ll also notice that the game is split into 3 sections – Pubisher, Mobclix, and Industry and if you’re unsure as to what is what, simply look at the pictures and see for yourselves.

Other things include:

  • 4,111 Ads tapped
  • 400,710 Ad requests–of those, 140,248 are rich media ad requests
  • 23,148 Apps downloaded in the App Store
  • $2,340 Ad dollars spent in the U.S.
  • 180 million coins collected on Tiny Zoo Friends
  • 250,000 pieces of fruit sliced on Fruit Ninja
  • 208,333 minutes of Angry Birds played
  • We probably are on our phones way too much (we added this for emphasis)

Source: How To Geek

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