The MegaPhone, because everyone needs a iPhone Horn

The MegaPhone, because everyone needs a iPhone Horn

Well this is an interesting Novelty item to have in your house. The MegaPhone from en&is is the latest iPhone accessory that you should be adding to your already large and overflowing collection of iPhone peripherals. Those Italians certainly do know how to suck us in which beautifully crafted accessories.

You might be wondering what it is, and the answer boils down to a large ceramic horn which acts as a passive amplifier in which you place your iPhone into the tip of the horn, and it blasts out whatever music you’ve currently got stored on your device (even the bad tracks). It’s an interesting idea, because the horn itself looks very classy and looks like it can seamlessly fit into any room. If white isn’t your colour, it also comes in shades of Gold and Glossy Black, just incase it clashes with your homes colour selection.

The MegaPhone retails for €399 to €599 (or $525 to $785 AUD) depending on colour, and throw in a €50 delivery charge and you’re all set. We suppose what it lacks in price, it makes up in not using any electricity, as this horn simply works by itself by amplifying your music through itself. It also sits atop a nice little wooden stand, which is handy. Have a look below at the video to see for yourselves, and head on over to the source links to learn more and purchase it.

Source: en&is
via: PhoneArena 

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  • Michael Aulia

    Haha lol, that is some sick and cool looking iPhone dock 😀 Great as a living room’s decoration too!

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Haha that’s exactly what I was thinking, it’s two in one! Just wish it was slightly cheaper :(