The internet in 1996 vs 2011 (Infographic)

The internet in 1996 vs 2011 (Infographic)

Do you remember what you were doing and where you were in 1996? Do you remember when you first used the internet? 1996 would have been the correct year when I first started using the internet that’s for sure and all I can say is that it’s come a long way in the last 15 years. The infographic below certainly show’s you how much, from speeds of loading times to how streamlined and efficient internet pages have become, not to mention how much better they look.

The Side by side comparison also takes a good look at certain websites that were around in 1996 to now, and also how the top viewed pages have changed. Of course, the 1996 browser of Netscape Navigator certainly takes us back, but alas it was bought over years ago and itself doesn’t exist so it’s hard to see a direct and correct comparison, but we suppose the browser used in 2011 looks like Google Chrome on a Mac.

Interesting comparison, certainly take a look and reminisce. If you’re too young, just be thankful you’re using the internet in 2011 and not 1996 (dial-up would have ruined your Facebook usage before it started).

Source: Daily Infographic

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