The First Android Store in the World launches in Melbourne

The First Android Store in the World launches in Melbourne

The world’s first Android store opened up this week in Melbourne, Australia, in a joint effort with local carrier Telstra. The 154 square metre store, dubbed ‘Androidland’ was opened up to showcase the range and power of Android devices, whether it be tablets or phones for Melbournians to check out. Several demo’s and features will be on display in this not-so-permanent store, which is only expected to be here for the next 6 months unless the store is a massive success, in which case they will extend their stay. This store is the first of it’s kind around the world, a fully dedicated Android experience store catering only to Android devices and no others, which we think is obviously a smart move from Google to try and get this up so people can clearly experiment with Android devices without the distraction of other platforms.

Cool features like being able to play Angry Birds on the glass outside which has been transformed into a touchscreen, as well as being able to use Android on it acts as a draw to pull people into the store. Quite smart if you ask us to use one of the world’s most known casual games to attract people. In store, there are also expected to be Android experts who know all about the phones, and can help you with any personal and/or technical questions you may have with either your current phone or the phones on display within the store.

According to Ausdroid, there wasn’t even a hint of a single new device which is disappointing and that also translates to nothing on the new Ice Cream Sandwich update front for Android phones, which is probably expected in January. Nor was there any hint of 4G phones, with Telstra aiming to launch their 4G network next year. Of course, that’s expected as Telstra never likes to reveal news until they are good and ready, but a hint never hurts.

It’s a great move by Telstra and Google, and we think it will pay off for them. That obviously leads me back to our last article in ‘Why Microsoft needs to open an Australian Store‘ and why they need to do it, especially if the Android store proves to be popular with the locals, which will prove that Microsoft are clearly missing out on some good publicity. Also, opening the first Android Store in the World in Melbourne also proves why Microsoft should open their store in Melbourne first.

For more pictures head over to the source link. If you’re in the area, it’s located upstairs at the Telstra Store on Bourke Street/Swanston Street.

Source: Ausdroid

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