Supposed Nokia Lumia 900 shots revealed?

Supposed Nokia Lumia 900 shots revealed?

This is a very interesting tip that WMPU got very recently, about the possible look of the Nokia Lumia 900, the model up from the Lumia 800 which just recently got released. Of course, WMPU is reporting that this was a tip from an anonymous tipster, so we can’t exactly verify that this is a real or fake (more often than not they turn out to be fakes). However if this is indeed a fake then it’s an extremely well made one, and if it’s real I want one. Now.

As far as it foes, this looks like the same polycarbonate build of the Lumia 800, but a larger (screen wise) and thinner version of the Lumia 800, which is exactly what I have been hoping for. And let’s not forget the new red colouring looks amazing. Of course, we don’t see a front facing camera on it (something the Lumia 900 is widely expected to have) so either this is still a fake or a pre-finished model. Either way, it’s a sexy looking concept.

For those in the know, the Nokia Lumia 900 (codenamed Ace) is expected to have the following specs (all based on rumors):

  • Processor – 1.4GHz Processor (single core)
  • Screen – 4.3-inch AMOLED CBD Screen (480 x 800 resolution)
  • Camera – 8 megapixel rear camera, unknown Front Facing Camera (probably 1.3 megapixel)
  • Storage – Comes in 16GB or 32 GB
  • RAM – 1GB or 512MB
  • Battery – Rumoured¬†1800 mAh Lithium-ion

If all the specs do indeed turn out to be true, along with the design/build above, then we’re looking at an absolutely amazing Nokia Phone to kickstart 2012 with a bang. It’s widely expected to be announced or released in Q1 2012, but we won’t know for sure till CES 2012 which isn’t that long away. Here’s hoping.

Source: WMPU
via: WP7Connect 

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