RIM loses BBX trademark battle, seems to lose a lot these days

RIM loses BBX trademark battle, seems to lose a lot these days

Seems that RIM, owners and creators of BlackBerry can’t seem to catch a break these days. First with millions of users jumping off the burning platform, and then RIM creating a brand new OS (which looks really good actually) called BBX, which can’t be called that anymore due to Trademark Issues. Well it seems therefore that the US Federal Court has blocked the company from using the BBX trademark, favoring the existing use by BASIS International for its software and that’s a blow because BBX sounds much better than BlackBerry 10, which is what it is going to be called.

Basically, at their BlackBerry Developer Conference, they announced that it will be the future name of the next generation OS from the company from Waterloo. What’s amusing is that the Roman Numeral for 10 is X, so either way they’re getting their wish but it still won’t sound as cool (no one’s going to be calling it X).

This of course means the BB 10 will be going onto all future phones and tablets (hopefully unified) from mid next year onwards unless delays are abound, and in this field they usually are.

Source: Engadget

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