India wants to crack down on ‘offensive’ Social Media, World Facepalms

India wants to crack down on ‘offensive’ Social Media, World Facepalms

In a potential move that could potentially (read: will) anger lot’s of people, India’s technology minister Kapil Sibal has demanded that social networking sites block out certain ‘offensive’ material. Obviously, we don’t see anyone really taking a liking to this demand, whether it be the general public (those who will be most affected) or companies who might or might not comply with this ‘demand’.

Basically, Sibal spotted a group on Facebook criticizing Sonia Gandhi, wife of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi (who was assassinated in 1991) and in true troll style, brought in representatives from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. He then proceeded to demand that they ban material that could potentially incite tensions on the subcontinent (because the internet is the only way to do that right Sibal?).

Fortunately, no agreement was reached at the end of discussions and hopefully nothing does get reached in terms of censoring free speech, but Sibal is determined to get his way. He’s currently planning a series of Guidelines that would become punishment for sites that don’t agree to this demand in the future. We think it’s high time he get replaced by someone who isn’t a moron.

Source: Engadget

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