Generation 2 Windows Phones Compared, Find out which phone is the best!

Generation 2 Windows Phones Compared, Find out which phone is the best!

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We recently did a comparison of the best new phones on the market, and since that proved to be really popular we decided to make one for the newest Generation 2 Windows Phones. All of the phones above have either been released, or are releasing in the near future in your home country so it’s a fair comparison here. For those of you interested, the Lumia 800 tied with the iPhone 4S  for first place in our last comparison guide (with the HTC Titan coming up last), but how does it stack up to the other Windows Phones?

So let’s have a quick look at the phones above shall we? We have two from HTC (The HTC Radar and HTC Titan), two from Nokia (the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 710), and two from Samsung (The Samsung Focus S and the Samsung Omnia W). We also have one apiece from Acer (The Acer Allegro), ZTE (The ZTE Tania) and Fujitsu (The Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T). Unfortunately some like the Fujitsu WP7 device aren’t available outside Japan, but for the point of this comparison bare with us. Now the thing to remember is that most Windows Phone’s are very similar to the first gen in terms of specs but even if they have the same specs, advancing technology means that they’ll be much faster than they were last year. On paper, the clear winner above is the Samsung Focus S, topping the specs in 6 out of 10 categories, followed by the HTC Titan which takes 3 of the categories in specs. But as we know, specs aren’t everything and that’s why we started this comparison series.

What we’ve done below is pick some categories and given each phone a rating out of 5 based on the individual category, as an addition to the table above. These are our opinions, and you are free to have different opinions but that’s how it stands. At the end we’ll get the average over all the categories and put our winner at the bottom. Remember, all rating’s are out of 5, with 5 being the best. So who wins in the practical side of things, and how does the tied winner of our last comparison (the Nokia Lumia 800) do against it’s Windows Phone Companions? Read on to find out!

Phone Looks

  • HTC Radar: 3
  • HTC Titan: 3.5
  • Nokia Lumia 800: 4.5
  • Nokia Lumia 710: 3.5
  • Samsung Focus S: 4
  • Samsung Omnia W: 3
  • Acer Allegro: 2
  • ZTE Tania: 4
  • Fujitsu IS12T: 3

We still believe the Nokia Lumia 800 is the sexiest device of them all, so it takes a near perfect score (only done in by the thickness of the device taking away from it’s sheen). Following that, the Samsung Focus S is a super slim and large device that is bound to catch the eye of any who uses it, and third goes to ZTE Tania in our honest opinion! We think it looks quite nice, despite the fact it may never make it outside of China (Tania). The others are scored in the order we thing so, and we think the ugliest phone of the bunch is the Acer Allegro, although the Fujitsu IS12T does come close (only saved by the fact it comes in a few colors).


  • HTC Radar: 3.5
  • HTC Titan: 2.5
  • Nokia Lumia 800: 3
  • Nokia Lumia 710: 2.5
  • Samsung Focus S: 3.5
  • Samsung Omnia W: 4
  • Acer Allegro: 2
  • ZTE Tania: 3
  • Fujitsu IS12T: 4.5

Interestingly, we think the Fujitsu IS12T is the most portable phone here when you look at both the screen size, thickness and the weight. That’s what we factor in here, the size of the screen and the weight of the phone, and the Fujitsu IS12T is the winner here, followed very closely by the Samsung Focus S which despite having a large screen of 4.3-inches, it has an extremely thin 8.5mm frame. And in third place would be the Samsung Omnia W showing a very strong point system for the Samsung Phones so far. We believe that the HTC Titan would probably fare the worst here, having the largest screen size of 4.7-inches (which is the main deciding factor), and it also weighs the most. It’s most certainly not the largest thickness, but the screen size might be unnaturally large for some. The Lumia 710 also fares poorly having quite a thickness to it, despite the rather small screen size of 3.7-inches, which the Acer Allegro is easily the fatest phone of the lot. (The ZTE Tania is expected to have a 11mm thick frame)

Most Customisation Choices

  • HTC Radar: 3.5
  • HTC Titan: 3
  • Nokia Lumia 800: 4
  • Nokia Lumia 710: 5
  • Samsung Focus S: 3
  • Samsung Omnia W: 3
  • Acer Allegro: 3.5
  • ZTE Tania: 3
  • Fujitsu IS12T: 4.5

We weren’t quite sure if we wanted to have this option, but we think it makes sense to have the ‘most customisation choices’ in this comparison. What is it? It means from an external point of view (hardware) can you buy different colours of the phone and can you change the cover color, and so on. We feel this is important because people are always looking for ways to differentiate their phones from others. Obviously you can all buy covers and such, but this is directly from the manufacturer and the choices you get from them.

The Nokia Lumia 710 easily wins this and get’s the first perfect score of the competition because not only does it come in two colours (black and white), but you can also buy 5 different coloured back covers for the phone to give it a different look and it’s easily the most versatile in that section. This is followed by the Fujitsu IS12T which can be bought in 3 different colours, but two of them are quite bright and they stand out in a crowd. The Nokia Lumia 800 also can be bought in 3 different colours, but the colours itself aren’t as eye catching as on the Fujitsu’s one. The HTC Radar and the Acer Allegro both come in two different shades, while the Samsung Omnia W, Samsung Focus S, and HTC Titan all come in one colour. The ZTE Tania comes in white, but there may be a black option but it hasn’t been confirmed.

Dedicated App Choices

  • HTC Radar: 3
  • HTC Titan: 3
  • Nokia Lumia 800: 4.5
  • Nokia Lumia 710: 4.5
  • Samsung Focus S: 3.5
  • Samsung Omnia W: 3.5
  • Acer Allegro: 2
  • ZTE Tania: 2
  • Fujitsu IS12T: 4

Since these are all Windows Phones, they all have access to the same apps (except for those that don’t have front facing cameras). What we look at here is how many extra apps are added on by the Manufacturer for their specific phones (either inbuilt or optional downloads) to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The Nokia phones take the round here thanks to their extra Nokia apps which we will find very useful – Nokia Drive (GPS), Nokia Maps, and Nokia Music. These are easily some of the most useful apps we would use (especially Drive), and with Nokia claiming that more are on their way, it’s only looking up for them. They aren’t given a perfect score because they only have 3 main ones at the moment, where as 5 or more would count as a perfect 5. The Fujitsu phone comes with quite a few apps tailored to the Japanese market and these include transportation apps and such. This is followed by the Samsung range of phones, which have a large number of Apps in Samsung Zone. HTC are next with their range of phones, but their selection isn’t quite as good as Samsung’s and nor do they have the same amount of apps, but it’s good enough to push it through. There are no apps we know of for the Acer or ZTE Model.

Battery Life (Talk Time)

  • HTC Radar: 4.5 (8 Hours 5 min talk time)
  • HTC Titan: 4 (6 hour 50 min talk time)
  • Nokia Lumia 800: 5 (9 hours 30 min talk time)
  • Nokia Lumia 710:  4(7 hour talk time)
  • Samsung Focus S: 4 (6 hour 30 minute talk time)
  • Samsung Omnia W: 4 (7 hour talk time)
  • Acer Allegro: 3 (6 hour talk time)
  • ZTE Tania: 3 (estimated 6 hour talk time)
  • Fujitsu IS12T: 4 (6 hour 40 min talk time)

The Nokia Lumia 800 tops the charts on this one, amassing an amazing 9 hours and 30 minutes of talk time (on paper at least, it’s slightly lower in real life testing), so it score the perfect 5 on this. The underrated HTC Radar takes second spot, and the HTC Titan, Nokia Limia 710, Fujitsu IS12T, and Samsung Omnia W all follow suit with fairly similar battery talk time life. The Samsung Focus S follows with a disappoint score, but real life testing shows it’s closer to 7 hours battery over the 6 hours and 30 mins given on paper (but we can’t confirm this yet). This is obviously rounded up by the ZTE Tania and Acer Allegro which have the worst scores, but not the most disappointing battery lives in the world.

Obviously one thing to note is that some of these phones have different standby times, so the numbers up there aren’t a fair reflection of real world usage (but are close). Do check out what the standby times of certain phones are because they might surprise you at how much longer a phone can last throughout the day when you don’t always use it (but for the sake of this test, we’re not including them).


HTC Radar: 3.5

HTC Titan: 3.2

Nokia Lumia 800: 4.2

Nokia Lumia 710: 3.9

Samsung Focus S: 3.6

Samsung Omnia W: 3.5

Acer Allegro: 2.5

ZTE Tania: 3

Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T: 4

Frankly did anyone else expect any different? The Nokia Lumia 800 is once again a winner of a phone comparison showdown and is crowned Techin5’s Top Generation 2 Windows Phone. If the iPhone 4S couldn’t dethrone the Lumia 800, then we weren’t really sure similar Windows Phones would be able to do so (even though there were quite a few close encounters), but the Lumia 800 was saved by an exceptionally sexy device with a great battery life and good Nokia apps to push it forward. It’s a great phone that anyone would have no problem using, and for that reason it is king of the phone ring. We don’t feel it’s a perfect device (a bigger screen and a front facing camera would be nice), but it’s still a good device (even if we were slightly rooting for the Windows Phone Spec’s champion – The Samsung Focus S).

The Surprising second place went to the Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T, which was different enough to push towards the top, but it’s not the best device in the world when taking total specs into consideration. We feel Fujitsu-Toshiba really need to get this phone released outside the Japan/Taiwan Region, because it’s another phone people could get used to (and it sports a waterproof body and a 13.2 megapixel camera!). The Lumia 710 was in third, ending in a fairly dominant Nokia display here, but we feel it’s much too thick for it’s size. The Samsung Focus S was in fourth, and was closely followed up by the  joint 5th place – HTC Radar and Samsung Focus S. Then came the HTC Titan, the ZTE Tania, and a disappointing last by the Acer Allegro which was completely out of place in this running.

Remember we didn’t take into account the actual specs here in the table above, we simply gave two different perspectives and it’s up to you as the user to use what we’ve given you and make your choice, and you have to look at what you really want the phone for (not to mention which Operating System!). For instance, for watching movies the Samsung Focus S or HTC Titan would be clear winners (big screen size, great screen quality), and they weren’t even in our top 3. Don’t forget, you should certainly choose the phone based on your needs, but we’ve chosen out Champion (and it doesn’t hurt all the phones above come with Mango aka Windows Phone 7.5!)

The choice is yours, but our winners have been chosen. Happy Phone hunting!

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