Apple iPad is no longer called iPad in China, Apple dealt Trademark Blow

Apple iPad is no longer called iPad in China, Apple dealt Trademark Blow

Well this is actually some pretty big news that has trickled out of China on the Apple front. It seems that Apple has actually lost a trademark name dispute in China over the ‘iPad’ name for their tablets with Proview Technology Shenzhen Co. Apple has actually accused Proview on infringing on their iPad Trademark and Apple were always expected to win (big companies usually do), but they were stunned when the final ruling that was handed out went against them.

Basically Apple are left with two choices where they either have to sell the iPad under a different name (we’d guess Apple Pad or something along those lines, maybe even Apple iTablet) which would certainly confuse people as to whether they are original products or not. The alternative of course, which would certainly be more favourable for Apple (but not monetarily wise) is to pay Proview up to $1.6 billion in order to purchase the name from them, a staggering amount for a name as reported by Officials in China.

It was unfortunate that the actual case went against Apple, but truth be told the fact that Proview had registered the iPad trademark in Taipei (Taiwan) and a few other countries as far back as 2000, and in China in 2001, Proview was generally going to have a fairly rock solid defence. This of course was 10 years before the iPad was even released in markets. To clear up any confusion, in 2009 Apple bought the rights to use the iPad trademark from Proview in 2009 for a mere $55,000, the Taiwanese based company. However, the deal did and never has included the rights to use the iPad name in mainland China (simply because it wasn’t owned by the Taiwanese Company at that time).

Bummer Apple, be look forward to many more confusing name titles if that massive potential $1.6 billion (with a capital B) isn’t paid for. But considering that Apple have more money than the US Government, we doubt they would let the name slide without folding and paying for the iPad trademark name. Either way, Apple loses.

Source: Macworld AU

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  • Brad Merrill

    Definitely rare to see Apple lose a case like this. I doubt they’ll let it slide without paying that $1.6 billion though, so it should be sorted out before long.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Yea of course they’re going to appeal the decision, but this is an interesting place to put them in. And obviously they’ll never want to call it anything other than iPad in China, especially with such a big market.