$1.7 million in BlackBerry PlayBooks stolen in the USA

$1.7 million in BlackBerry PlayBooks stolen in the USA

Well the good times just keep on rolling in for RIM and BlackBerry don’t they? It seems that last week, just over 5,000 BlackBerry Playbooks were stolen last week at an Indian Truck stop, when thieves stole the truck containing the 22 palets of Playbook’s. It seems that while the truck driver was busy eating and having a shower (at the same time?!) the thieves broke into the truck and stole it. So while it’s not as dramatic as the MW3 Stolen Games, it’s still a big blow to RIM who cannot possibly afford to write of $1.7 million.

And unfortunately, the truck did not have a tracking device on it so the cargo was taken off without a single trace of where they went although officials are saying Miami is a place where stolen goods are traded off (perhaps this calls for a Miami Vice part 2?). Officials say they might have fingerprints of all 5 suspects and they will be getting help from the FBI and Interstate Theft Tast Force (ITTF) to help recover the stolen goods.

It seems that BlackBerry playbooks getting stolen might be the only way RIM can actually offload these devices (sorry RIM, but it’s true).

Source: The Verge

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