Would your house survive a Nuclear Attack?

Would your house survive a Nuclear Attack?

Probably Not. But just to make sure, Gizmodo discovered ‘Would I survive a Nuke’, a site who’s sole purpose is to check if you would survive a Nuclear Attack should it be aimed at the heart of your city, or closest large city. As you can gather from the image above, it’s not pretty, as we found out thanks to a pinpoint accurate Google Maps and a rough estimation of the area of impact (depending on the bomb used, and the megatons in it).

For myself, it seems that I’m close enough to the city to be decimated by a 50 Megaton Tsar Bomb, or survive it only to be consumed by radiation poisoning. Anything bigger than a 1 Megaton Bomb seems like it will pretty much affect me, even if I’m just outside the area of impact.. those winds are known for carrying radiation a fair distance. Otherwise, 3rd degree burns and radiation poisoning should finish me off nicely, with the only thought left being ‘Who the heck thought it was amusing to Bomb Melbourne’.

Go ahead and check out the site yourself, and see if you would survive the Nuclear Attack on your city. Then move to Ayers Rock.

Source: Would I Survive a Nuke
via: Gizmodo

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