Solid Gray Backpack – More than meets the name

Solid Gray Backpack – More than meets the name

We’ll forgive you for not getting incredibly excited at the sound of ‘Solid Gray Backpack’ but we assure you that after the name, it’s all uphill from there. This trendy backpack may remind some of a tortoise shell, but that’s exactly the point, although we’d be more inclined to call it a futuristic looking shell. This innovating backpack features a folding hardshell which is not only lightweight but extremely durable as well. Inside there is EPDM foam lining and straps for keeping your tablet or laptop safe and secure from any hard that may take place to it from the real world, two interior compartments for keeping small items handy, a built-in document clip to keep your files and papers nice and uncrumpled, and a flexible fit, to keep your back comfortable while carrying this Solid, but Gray Backpack around.

So what might you be paying for this futuristic and good looking turtle shell? Well, it’s surprisingly reasonably priced right now, and it’ll cost you $155 (plus $35 for delivery) or less if you live in Europe (you lucky Europeans get to have all the fun). Sure it might look strange wearing it at first, but we’re sure in time you’ll be used to it in no time and love the protection it brings to your back and laptop.

If you’re still interested, head on down to their eBay page and pick one up today (available in white currently).

Source: Uncrate

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  • Michael Aulia

    It should be available in green color to match the real tortoise shell 😀

    Looks pretty sturdy though it’s kinda geeky

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Haha, I think there’s a water protector that you put over it that turns it green 😛

    Yea totally Geeky, that’s for sure lol. Still I like it.