Porsche Designs a BlackBerry, makes it appealing for once

Porsche Designs a BlackBerry, makes it appealing for once

Well if there was ever a BlackBerry that we would consider getting it would be this, which (ironically enough) isn’t even designed by RIM. Yes, RIM have done the smart thing and partnered with Porsche for this particular model, to create a visually striking and appealing design! They’re calling it the Porsche P’9981, from Blackberry which is a mouthful as usual but we see no reason to say no to this phone just because of it’s name. As it stands, this is certainly one of the best looking BlackBerry phones we’ve seen, and RIM should take a cue from this in the future when Porsche isn’t designing a phone for them.

On the specs side, it’s practically identical to the Bold 9900 series with a 1.2GHz processor, 8GB Memory, BlackBerry OS 7, a 5MP camera with 720P video recording, built-in NFC,  and Liquid Graphics technology. Not bad for a BlackBerry now that it’s got the looks and specs, but of if that tiny TINY screen doesn’t put us off. Itself, the phone is sporting a stainless steel frame that has been hand-wrapped in a leather black cover and comes with a sculpted keyboard. The phone will also ship with a special Porsche Design user interface that will make it look slightly different to the BlackBerry OS 7 that you’re used to. And for buying this, you also get a special Porsche Limited Pin – “Ensure your prestige is instantly recognized with a limited edition PIN series, available only with the Porsche Design P’9981 smartphone from BlackBerry. Clearly identifiable, the exclusive PIN series will ensure you stand out from the crowd.” We’re guessing that means a special BBM pin?

And how much must you pay for that incredible package? Well estimates put this phone in the range of $2,000. But hey! You get a special BlackBerry PIN and a cool looking phone. They’ll be available later this year in limited quantities, so if you want one you have to get in quick!

Source: ChipChick

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