Official iPad and iPhone Gmail App get’s real official, has too many officials

Official iPad and iPhone Gmail App get’s real official, has too many officials

Update: It seems the app has been pulled from the App store by Google over a notification bug. Fantastic.

Well it’s about time Google! Seriously, the fact it took Google over two years to finally release the official iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch app annoys us, because while the default mail client is charming on iOS devices, it lacked that distinct Gmail Flavour. Now, we’re obviously kidding about the fact this app has too many ‘officials’ in the name (refer to article title) the Official App is now Officially Official (sorry).

In true Gmail style, you’ll see the threaded conversation layout on both iPad and iPhone pictures which will please those of you who have complained at how ugly said style looked in the mail app in iOS devices. The benefits of getting this app is that they include a few features that will save you time such as – push notifications for new message alerts, quick message search and email address auto-complete from your Apple device’s address book. The iPad app as you can see above also features split screen view, making it easier to access emails quickly.

The App also let’s you sort messages out by starred or via labels which is great since we’ve been wanting to do that on our iPad’s for some time now, so this would really help. As for compatibility, only devices with iOS 4 and higher will be Gmail App certified, so if you’re on an older iOS version (why?!) you should update either way, and then snag this Gmail app off iTunes. And yes, it is free as well so you don’t need to start a riot over being charged for a useful email app.

Our thoughts on this? It’s good enough, but not great. Certainly not what we were expecting after such a long wait (as in it was slightly disappointing). It doesn’t really bring any ‘wow’ features to the table here, but we’re still going to be using it nevertheless so we can easily split our emails into different app’s (we don’t like congestion).

Otherwise, head on down to the source link and start downloading Google Goodness.

Source: iTunes
via: Gmail Blog

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