Nokia and Deadmau5 to do free concert in London for Windows Phone Launch

Nokia and Deadmau5 to do free concert in London for Windows Phone Launch

If there was any doubt how committed Nokia was to their partnership with Microsoft regarding Windows Phones, it’s time to finally close the book on that doubt now. Of course, much of Nokia’s existence now depends on the sexy and imaginative OS from Redmond – Windows Phone 7, so it’s no surprise at how much Nokia is pushing the advertising with a marketing blitz for what may be known as their relaunch in the mobile market with the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. And one of those blitz schemes involves one of the worlds  most popular and well known DJ’s (not to mention one of my favorite) – Deadmau5!

If anything, this might be the best way to show off Windows Phones ever especially since Deadmau5 has over 10 million facebook fans and just under a million twitter followers, not to mention thousands more around the world who love his music. So the fact that they are teaming up for a free concert in London means Nokia will get a huge amount of publicity, plus massive brownie points. The Lumia 800 officially goes on sale around Europe later today, so this should kick start the amount of publicity Nokia is getting with their beautiful devices around the world.

The Concert itself is quite special and different as 1 – It’s free! And more so, it will be held in front of London’s Millbank Tower where Nokia will project 4D images onto the tower while Deadmau5 drops some beats. The gig will be free for all spectators (lucky you!) and Londoners will be able to view the performance from the North and South sides of the River Thames. Not a bad deal if we say so ourselves, and you’ve got nothing to lose so head on down on November the 28th! Nokia have said they will have more information on their Facebook page in a few days, so stay tuned for that, and get excited!

Source: Winrumors

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