New Techin5 Changes and Enhancements

New Techin5 Changes and Enhancements

We thought it was time that we brought a few changes to the Techin5 website. After all, we have been active for 8 months now so it was the perfect time to bring a few aesthetic changes that we’re sure you’re all going to love.

New Menu System

The first thing you’re obviously going to notice is that the menu looks slightly different. That’s because it is, and we’ve been working on perfecting it the last few days and we’re pretty close to it now. What you see is the final version, the changes left to do will all be done behind the scenes.

What you’ll notice is the menu system has been enhanced to reflect a more visually appealing look, with pictures relating to each sub-category. For instance, if you hovered on the Hardware tab, the drop down menu you see in the picture above would drop down and the Phone sub-category would display a picture of a phone (Samsung Focus S in this case). This should make it easier for users to navigate their way through the website we feel, and make it great to navigate through the menu’s at the same time as well!

The Drop Down Menu’s will only apply to the Apps, Entertainment, Gaming, and Hardware Categories. All other categories will not have a drop down menu as there is no need for now.

New Image Viewer System

We’ve changed the way you view images as well now, to make it quicker and easier to expand images. Basically before, when you clicked on an image to expand the size, it would open on a new windows. What we’ve implemented is a quick view in the current page you are on, where the picture will expand in a pop up box (on the same screen) over the picture. See below.


As you can see, by clicking the image of the Nokia Lumia 800, it expands on top to it’s maximum uploaded size. Not all pictures will be able to do this of course, but the one’s uploaded through the server (most of them) will be expandable. We feel this will make readers happy as well, and you don’t have to open so many tabs. You can still open the image on a new page of course, simply by right clicking the image and then selecting the ‘open in new page/tab’ option.

New Numbers Navigation System

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page (either on the main Techin5 Homepage, or any category page), you’ll notice that we’ve changed the way you go to the next page (or back). Before, there used to be only ‘previous’ and ‘forward’ buttons referring to how many pages you could go to. Now, we’ve updated it so that not only do you know which page you are currently on, but you can easily go forward or backwards to any page, as opposed to just one page at a time before.

Once again, this should make it easier to Navigate through the website.

Well that raps up’s the changes, they’ve been a while in the making, but we’ve gradually rolled it out and they’re all live now. You could probably expect a few more changes in the coming weeks, but as far as the big changes go, this is it for now. We hope you enjoy the changes, and find them useful (we know we already have), so enjoy!

Founder and Chief Editor of Techin5, currently based in Melbourne Australia. Has always had a deep appreciation of Technology and how it helps people, which led to the birth of Techin5. You can follow me on Twitter at @jubbing and on Instagram