Got an iPad? You probably are a male, own a pet (Infographic)

Got an iPad? You probably are a male, own a pet (Infographic)

This is a short but interesting infographic depicting who is most likely to buy an iPad, aka the Typical iPad buyer. It seems market researchers Blue-Kai were quite interested in finding this out so they set about putting together research and turning it into the infographic you see below, and quite frankly the results aren’t that shocking.

So, summing it up, the Typical iPad buyer is a male, who tends to play video games and own a pet (that last one probably being the most random statistic we’ve ever seen on a technology related infographic). The device is popular, too, with scientists, international travelers, apartment dwellers, vitamin takers and buyers of organic food. There’s also that tidbit about comScore’s discovery that 45.9 percent of tablet owners live in households earning in excess of $100,000 per year. Basically in a nutshell, the typical iPad owner is a Rich Male Geek, who owns a pet.

Interesting stuff, but the real question is will it blend (Yes. Yes it will).

Source: Digital Trends

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