Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones get cosy with Swarovski

Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones get cosy with Swarovski

Beats by Dre might be one of the only celebrity invested headphones that actually sound and look good. Well that is until Swarovski came along and ruined the fun for everyone with this Crystal Studded Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones, and now they just look tacky. We’ve seen some great tech products mixed in with the Swarovski brand, but this isn’t one of them unfortunately as the 43,000 Pink and White Swarovski crystals that cover the headphones don’t exactly add to it’s style.

However, there’s still a group out there (all 4 of them) that are interested on getting their hands on a Swarovski infused headphones and we guess you can never go wrong with Beats by Dr. Dre even if they are priced a little on the high side. Personally, we’d never wear these outside the house just because we feel one of two things could happen – we could get mugged by someone who think these are worth millions, or we would get beat up for wearing headphones that look tacky and probably ruin the Beats name.

Still, for those of you interested (yes those same 4) this will end up costing you £558, or about $869 USD which isn’t exactly the cheapest set going around. Still these would look much better around the neck of a woman as opposed to our manly necks. Interested? Head on over to Crystal Rocked to pick one set up for you, and another matching set for your cat (it comes in Silver, Pink and Gold Crystals).

Source: Chip Chick 

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