Battlefield 3 still lagging behind two Call of Duty games on Xbox Live

Battlefield 3 still lagging behind two Call of Duty games on Xbox Live

With Battlefield 3 storming out the gate with 5 million sales over it’s first weekend, we thought it was therefore interesting that the game is actually lagging behind not one, but two Call of Duty Games on Xbox Live. What do we mean? Well put simply, according to online play rankings for Xbox Live puts Battlefield 3 lower than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops, and with Modern Warfare 3 being released tomorrow, this does not look good for Battlefield 3, at least on the Xbox 360 front.

While Battlefield 3 has a big 5 million copies of it’s game (and also becoming the most sold game in 2011 thus far) floating around out there, numbers might suggest that either users are not playing the game as much as EA would want them to, or most copies were sold on the PS3 and PC consoles. There are numerous reasons, but the main one is that on the console version of the game (PS3 and Xbox 360), there have been online play issues, but especially on the 360 front. Add to that – It was recently revealed that COD players could look forward to in-game rewards in next week’s Modern Warfare 3 for each previous game in the series that they’d gone Prestige (ie maxed out and reset their multiplayer progression progress) in. That leaves a lot of desire for player to continue playing COD games, and a leg up on the Battlefield Series.

Either way, the point of matter is that Battlefield 3 was big, but not big enough. The fact of the matter is while Battlefield 3 blazes away as one of the best looking shooter games on the PC, the game on consoles still leaves something to be desired (probably why it’s falling behind a game that’s closing in on 2 year). Our Battlefield 3 PS3 review will be up this week, so keep checking for that!

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