App Cube – Rubik Cube’ify your love for Apple

App Cube – Rubik Cube’ify your love for Apple

Been wondering how to take your Fan Boy/Girl’ism to the next level? Love Rubik Cube’s? Boy have we got the perfect mix for you with the App Cube, the perfect gift for any Apple Fan Boy/Girl. While this is certainly taking your fanboy interest to the next level, we can’t help but think this cube has quite a bit of novelty to it. So rather than those normal and boring solid colours used on rubix cube’s, this App Cube features pictures of App’s found on the App Store (or inbuilt) like WhatsApp, Calendar, iTunes Music, etc. What a great way to to spend the sunday afternoon!

Now most of you might notice that this may be more challenging than a standard Rubik’s cube, with 4 rows and columns as opposed to the standard 3 but you can’t deny this would be much more entertaining, and it makes more sense to have more cubes here than the standard due to the number of Apps they wanted to feature here. The App Cube will be listed at Thumbs Up UK, but as of now no availability or prices have been announced but get your fingers warmed up with the standard Rubik’s cube before the App Cube is out.

Source: Chip Chik

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  • Guest

    Seriously? That’s clearly a 4×4 Rubik’s cube, not 5×5, and in any case having a bigger cube wouldn’t be able to “feature more apps” if each face has the same app.

  • Techin5

    Yea that was a slip of the finger (we swear we can count). Fixed and thanks for letting us know.