6000 Copies of Call Of Duty: MW3 Stolen in Armed Robbery

6000 Copies of Call Of Duty: MW3 Stolen in Armed Robbery

Fair warning: You should listen to John Murphy’s ‘In a heartbeat’ while reading this article for dramatic emphasis.

We think some people may have taken the whole Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 concept a little too far this weekend in Paris, as 6000 Copies of Call Of Duty: MW3 were stolen in Armed Robbery. I love visiting Paris (twice in 2011 already), but this makes me want to reconsider going there – their gamers are much too hardcore.

IGN reports (via TF1 and Eurogamer) that two masked men crashed their car into a van carrying an unspecified video game cargo before spraying its occupants with tear gas and stealing both the van and contents, in a tactical move worthy of the game itself. For your own safety, please do not refer to them as noobs. More recently, the contents of the van was indeed confirmed to be COD: MW3, and the theft is believed to be valued at around €400,000 (that’s a lot of games), and the report also states that the assailants were armed with knives (what no guns?) and there is no word about the victims health right now.

A later story also suggests that a secondary robbery took place, under similar circumstances (can anyone say double attack?) with a secondary car used to block the road before three men commandeered another delivery van and stole a further supply of MW3 worth similar value to the first.

Our question is how they managed to get away so quickly, especially with all that Parisian traffic we’ve come to love and hate (and expect). That, and how two shipments of MW3 cargo were stolen worth over half a million dollars under similar circumstances. And finally, what happened to the good old days when Robbers used to steal diamonds and jewels, not video games? Either way, we know there’s going to be a LOT of Parisians very upset not to get their MW3 supply tomorrow, due to unfortunate circumstances and we hope the shipment is recovered quickly. What a strange, but ironic world we live in. Clearly the demand for the game was higher than we thought!

Source: IGN

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