Windows Phone Officially launches in India

Windows Phone Officially launches in India

One of the world’s biggest phone markets (note: not smartphones) is in for a real treat today, with Microsoft officially launching the Windows Phone platform in India. This is very good news, especially with over 600 million mobile phone users in India, everywhere you look you’re bound to see someone with a mobile phone. With the launch, this means that there will be official support for the Marketplace, as well as official support for the Operating System itself, which will no doubt please the many current or potential Windows Phone users.

October 12th was the day that the official Windows Phone Marketplace would launch, as well as other services for the worlds second most populated country. To follow up, two new apps would launch specifically for India:

Snapdeal is the popular deals site which I’ve noticed is extremely popular in India (not to mention the fact there’s even a Village named after Snapdeal!), and the second exclusive App is the Times of India, India’s most popular newspaper read by half a billion if we were to guess. Both come with a nice Metro Interface judging on the pictures above so it’s good to see.

Furthermore, the Windows Phone launch brings with it 3 exciting new devices – The HTC Radar (Rs 23,990), Samsung Omnia W (Rs 19,900), and the Acer Allegro which aren’t bad devices to start of with! All obviously come with Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) which will please everyone who purchases the phone no doubt. No word on any Nokia devices yet, but judging by this leaked photo (with an old Windows Phone logo) below of the Nokia 800, we’re expecting it to be out around Q1 of 2012.

From a personal point, I travel to India quite regularly and people are quite fascinated by Windows Phones, so should they build up some good deals (not the mention publicity) we can see these devices being quite popular in India. The last time I was there, in early July I went around to stores just to see if they sold Windows Phone devices and some stores did, but not the ones I asked in. Unfortunately I was either referred to Windows Mobile devices (shocking they were still being sold), or told that “Windows 7 was only for Computers” so hopefully the next time I go back, big retailers (such as Chroma) have educated their staff on Windows Phones.

It’s a good start, as if these devices take off in India, Windows Phones could see a dramatic change of market share globally. Here’s to that future.

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