Windows Phone Mango now updating all devices around the world

Windows Phone Mango now updating all devices around the world

Well it seems that less than 30 days after Mango was officially launched worldwide, Microsoft has gone ahead and opened up the Mango update to ‘100% of the phones’ worldwide. This 100% is of course a little inaccurate, as it only applies to to all eligible Windows Phones. What’s great to know is that 1 month after it was launched, most phones are now (or will be VERY soon) receiving their updates to notify them that Mango is available for download. This in contrast with say Android who will never find all the devices on the same OS due to the large amount of fragmentation the devices have around the world. In the one year since Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) launched, only 55% of devices are currently using Android 2.3, which is a stark contrast to Windows Phone 7.5.

“We’re now delivering Mango to 100 percent of eligible phones around the world, regardless of carrier,” said Microsoft’s Eric Hautala. There are of course 3 exceptions to this saying, and they are as follows:

  • Samsung Omnia 7 devices on Telefonica still testing
  • Dell Venue Pro on AT&T still planning
  • Samsung Focus 1.4 on AT&T still testing

Odd considering our Omnia 7 device has had Mango for exactly 30 days now. Furthermore, some of you might expect more firmware updates this week, bringing with it such upgrades as  allowing users to finally Tether their phones to the net (Internet Sharing). We got ours this week, and we have to say Internet Sharing on Telstra works like a dream (especially when TPG decides to be less than reliable).

Oh hai internet sharing for #wp7 ! Aka internet tethering!

Don’t panic if you don’t receive either the Mango update or the further firmware update, as it’s up to carriers for the second one and Microsoft are easing users into Mango so the server isn’t overloaded and we have a iOS 5 download issue like Apple did. Otherwise, plug in your phone to your computers and fire up Zune to see if you’ve got that much anticipated update. Otherwise, stay patient as the wait is nearly over!

Source: WinRumors

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