The iPad finally get’s a Facebook App

The iPad finally get’s a Facebook App

Those of you who have had an iPad since day 1 (like us) but have always complained about the lack of a designated Facebook iPad App can finally be happy! Facebook has finally¬†released an official iPad app, which means we can finally discard that rather ugly looking iPhone App we’ve been having to deal with for 18 months. We find it slightly odd that Facebook has taken this long to release it (especially with word that this was ready to be released in March of this year), but I guess we can finally start downloading this.

According to software engineer Leon Dubinsky, the app will highlight the multitouch awesomeness of the iPad and we would hope so considering how long this has taken. Based on initial reactions, it seems to have all the newer features the iPhone App has as well and it looks clean, crisp, and very iOS like which is good.

Stalking from your iPad has never been so easy!

Source: Facebook

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