Sony Playstation Vita coming February 22nd 2012, Australian Pricing Announced

Sony Playstation Vita coming February 22nd 2012, Australian Pricing Announced

The much (MUCH) anticipated Sony Playstation Vita has finally got a worldwide launch date – 22nd February 2012. Yes, Sony officially confirmed this date on their Playstation Blog, and we have no doubt that this should please countless fans worldwide, as it’s barely 2 months into the year and it seems that we only have to wait 3 months longer than our Japanese friends. Well, technically it’s not a worldwide launch, as February 22nd will see US, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Australia getting the power packing handheld gaming device.

And yes, Facebook, Foursquare, Skype and Twitter will all be active by the time the PSVita hit’s our coastlines and we’d love to be tweeting away on our 5-inch OLED screen between games. Keep in mind those in the USA can expect this to cost (from AT&T) $299 for 3G or you can snag the WiFi-only model for $249.

PlayStation Vita North America 3G packaging

At long last, the Australian PSVita pricing has finally been released although we’re a little unhappy at the pricing. The Wifi version of the PlayStation Vita will retail at $349.95 (expected) while the 3G version will cost $449.95. Really?! So despite the Australian Dollar being slight more valuable than the US Dollar, we pay $100 more for the Wi-fi version, and $150 more for the 3G model? Fairly disappointing, especially since Sony could have easily lowered the price a bit more locally (although we mainly blame the Governments importation tax). Still, despite this high price tag (and clearly ugly box above), we hope Sony packs in some good games in the deal to even the price out a bit, otherwise expect to see plenty of people buying the PSV from overseas. Still, expect this to hit our shores on the 23rd of February, 2012.

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