Nokia 800 in pictures, colours shown off too

Nokia 800 in pictures, colours shown off too

After the advertising shots of the Nokia 800 (formerly known as Sea Ray) were revealed by Pocketnow last week, they’ve one again gone and got some proper shots of the phone, in all their colours – Black, Blue, and Pink. The phone itself looks great, there’s no denying that (even if it looks exactly like the MeeGo packing N9) we’re excited to get this device in our hands and run it through it’s paces. Of course, with Nokia World 2011 only 5 days away, you can be assured that we won’t have to wait too long to get the full lowdown on the Nokia 800 (as well as a possible two other devices that might be launched, with quite a few other devices from other manufacturers).

November 15th is the date that is being thrown around the Tech pipes for the release of this device, and we may have to go ask our Nokia rep for some clarification on this date, but they are being kept exceptionally mum. It’s going to be a tough entrance for Nokia however with Nokia devices going to have to fight with the recently released iPhone 4S, as well as those Android powerhouses recently announced – Droid RAZR and Galaxy Nexus. Whatever the reason, Microsoft really needs to get those dual core processors out, as well as those higher screen resolutions!

For us, we’re digging the blue and black Nokia 800’s look. We’re sure you’re starting to get pretty excited about these Nokia Windows Phones, so let us know how excited in the comments below.

Source: Pocketnow

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